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Illinois Laborers' and Contractors Joint Apprenticeship Training Fund (ILCJATF)

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Training and Apprenticeship

To be a marketable construction worker in today's competitive and evolving industry, he must maintain and update his skills at industry standard.  But for the majority of construction workers, being a part-time student is not an option. Having enough time and saving enough money, is not often a manageable endeavor for the full-time worker.

However, to assist workers in this challenge, the ILCJATF has a mission to provide extensive and free training in the building and construction trades industry. Since its establishment in 1969, ILCJATF mission was to provide unions contractors with a competitive success rate over non union contractors. By partnering with LIUNA, contractors advantage from employing a competent, highly skilled workforce. Local 100 members are trained to complete construction projects on schedule and on budget!

In the off season, members are encouraged to continue their education and build on their skill set at the Illinois Laborers & Contractors Joints Apprenticeship and Training Fund (ILCJATF), where LIUNA members have access to free, quality education offering courses in the building and construction trades industry. As a union worker and member of Local 100, get the hands-on training to master skills of the industry that will help you to excel on the jobsite. Choose from more than 50 different courses to open the doors for advancement opportunities; providing valuable training in construction craft trades such as, hazardous materials remediation, remote tunnels, concrete work, asbestos abatement and other hazmat removal training, not to mention a wide range of other building construction skills and health and safety standards.

The Illinois Laborers’ District Council sponsors the Training Fund in conjunction with the Associated General Contractors of Illinois, Central Illinois Builders of AGC, Southern Illinois Builders of AGC, Northern Illinois Builders of AGC and individual contractors throughout the state who contribute to the Fund.

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